All about Cryptocurrency Zcash

Zcash is a more secure and secretive cryptocurrency than Bitcoin is popular among those who do not wish to publicize about their online transactions. Detailed information of Zcash is mentioned below:


Zcash was introduced by Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn, the founder, and CEO of Zcash Company. Zcash was launched in October 2016. It is a cryptocurrency that uses zero-knowledge cryptography to protect and sustain the user transaction.It deals with private digital money, transaction. Details of Zcash are concealed from the public.

How to buy Zcash?

Credit Card

Buyers from Australia, Europe, USA, Canada, Singapore, and the UK can easily buy Zcash by credit card or debit card:

  • Bitcoins can be purchased on Coinbase by credit card.
  • Credit card buyers are charged by Coinbase a 3.99% fee.
  • BTC can be converted to Zcash by using Change.
  • Io and CoinMama are the exchange where you can buy bitcoin with a credit card if there is an issue with Coinbase.


There is no effortless way to buy Zcash with cash, as compared to credit card.

  • Bitcoins can be purchased with cash on LocalBitcoin.
  • USA buyers can buy bitcoins with cash using BitQuick which charges a 2 % fee.

Bank Transfer

You can buy Bitcoins through bank transfer.

  • ACH transfer on Coinbase can be done to by Bitcoins and fee charged are 1.49%per buy.

Can Zcash be sold?

Certainly, Zcash can be sold on exchanges. Privacy, speed, and fees may differ depending on which mode of payment is used.

Who can buy Zcash?

People from those countries can buy Zcash which supports easy exchange. It is better to make a wallet, which does not need ID to sign up. Thus, cryptocurrency wallet can get Zcash paid too.

Which is the best mode of payment?

Credit card seems to be the fastest mode to get Zcash. But when it comes to lumping sum amount, Bank transfer is the top option.


The risk involved in buying Zcash

The rate of Zcash always can be zero, being the newest cryptocurrency, it must raise up in the market so that it be equal to Bitcoin or Litecoin. You should not take a risk by having your money on an exchange.

Thus, Zcash plays a very important role in solving privacy issue which has also benefited the Ethereum community from a partnership and making it possible to reach the final goal.In all Zcash is a cryptocurrency which can be exchanged for goods and amenities with privacy.

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